How to sleep in your wig.. Duchess Style

Alright ladies and gentlemen, Duchess here for some tips and tricks on wig care. As you know, the better you treat your hair, the longer it will last! Let’s get serious, you have questions and I’ve got the answers. So follow along, as Duchess can’t wait to dive in.


How Do You Sleep In A Wig?


If you must, and let me repeat absolutely must, sleep in your wig, I have some tips on how to do it comfortably and responsibly, without damaging its beauty. First tip (and most importantly) don’t do it every night. This can ruin it!



Change up that pillow case!


 I want to introduce you to the world of silk and satin pillowcases. Just thinking about it gets me excited for bed. Once you try this out, you will kick your cotton case immediately to the curb. I am not lying, these pillowcases are an absolute dream. Not only are they silky soft, but they help keep the hair shiny and smooth, while reducing friction. PSSST… your skin will thank you too.

If your wig is longer, style it. Putting it into a braid or a ponytail can reduce the movement during sleep and prolong your wig.

Wrap your head! Unfortunately silk pillowcases cannot guarantee damage defense, the can only minimize the risk. The number one cause of ruined wigs is too much friction, and this can still happen with a silk pillowcase. This applies to both human and synthetic wigs. An amazing way to keep your wig in perfect condition is to wrap it with a silk scarf. This will prevent the friction caused by moving around, saving it from dryness, hair loss and tangles.

Do not neglect the comb. When you wake up after sleeping in your wig, you better be combing out those tangles. Do not leave it to sit there all day, trust me, it will build up and become worse than it was. But please remember! Use a comb specifically made for wigs and hair extensions. Also, don’t you dare over comb! So let’s make a promise, a promise together, that we will not make sleeping in our wigs a habit. And if we do, because sometimes we just can’t help it, we will follow these simple steps to prevent damage, and to prolong the lifespan of our wig. Wigs have feelings too, so be sure to treat it right!



There are so many choices… ugh Duchess, what’s the best one?


Browsing online can be intimidating. There are so many various types, styles and colors of wigs out there. Are you looking for a more natural, long-lasting wig? Then one made of human hair might be the one for you. Human hair wigs can be styled any way you desire- we can straighten them, curl, and crimp them. These differ from synthetic, as you can apply heat without ruining the overall texture and quality of the wig. With human hair the textures are endless, this can almost guarantee a resemblance in texture to your own natural hair. If you’re looking for a more hit-it and quit-it type of style, something you would wear once or maybe twice, then an affordable synthetic wig would be the best option. Synthetic wigs aren’t as versatile as their counterparts, as they cannot be restyled or recolored. Synthetic wigs also don’t last as long as human hair wigs, so try to make the right choice depending on your wig goals.



Okay I picked out my wig, now what?


Before you can put on your gorgeous wig, you must prep your hair first. Depending on the length of your hair, this could mean different things. If you have little to no hair, a wig liner will work perfectly to keep the wig in place. If you have short hair, you can just push it back and place the wig right on top. With longer hair, you will need to clip it back. Remember, the fewer bumps on the surface, the better the wig will look on top, so try to make it as flat as possible. We do recommend a wig liner with every style of hair, no matter the length, as this will ensure the best overall look.

Wig Grips are a great way to keep your wig secured, without it moving out of control. These are fabric straps that are flexible, so wrapping them around your head is easy. The wig adheres right to the grip, resisting slippage throughout the day. Here’s a tip: buy one that is close, if not an exact match, to your skin color as this will help to camouflage the band. If you’re looking for an application for long-term wear, you can use glue to secure your wig, or you can even sew it.



Hmm, I’m nervous. Can you assist me with putting it on?


Of course! Now, it depends on the wig you have purchased, lace-front wigs need extra precaution when applying it to your head, as the lace is delicate. Place the wig on top of your head, starting at the front. Make sure to line it up accordingly to where you want it to sit. Gently adjust the hair into your desired place, check to see if your hairlines match, and make sure it’s comfortable! With a lace-front, once you are satisfied with the position it is in, gently clip your hair back and cut the excess lace (if there is extra) from the front of your wig. Style as desired!



I hope this helps you get a little more confident with choosing and applying a wig. Remember have fun, and don’t forget, Duchess is always here to assist.